Mission Statement

The Black Veterans Empowerment Council (BVEC) is a non-partisan organization that advocates for the inclusion of Black Veterans into key areas of American Society that will empower them to maximize their participation in the American Dream of Freedom and Prosperity.

BVEC Vision

BVEC seeks to bridge the gap between the various Black veteran communities and serve as an unified voice to inform stakeholders of the needs of Black Veterans.

BVEC Orgin

BVEC came together on October 16, 2020, following a round table held by the Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, Rep. Mark Takano (CA-41), on June 23, 2020 entitled ‘Veteran Voices of Color’. During the round table, the eight participants and Chairman Takano discussed a number of key issues confronting Black Veterans across the nation. While fruitful, the participants of the round table knew that there needed to be greater collaboration, discussion, and unity amongst the Black veteran community in order to effectively advocate, which led to the creation of the Black Veterans Empowerment Council.

BVEC Leadership

The current Director of BVEC is Victor LaGroon. Prior to coming to his leadership on BVEC, Victor was appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as the first Director of Veterans Affairs for the City of Chicago from 2014 to 2017. During his time as Director, he was responsible for several key initiatives including Ending Veterans Homelessness Initiative, securing and hosting the DOD Warrior Games in 2015, working with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of Defence offices to launch the first veterans/military cybersecurity course in Chicago, as well as leading on a number of policy related articles. Prior to joining the Mayor's Office, Victor served for five years on the Board of Commissioners with the Commission on Human Relations as the Chair of the Advisory Council of Veteran Affairs for the City of Chicago.

Victor credits his commitment to serve the veteran community to his time with the 10th Mountain Division, US Army, where he served as an Intelligence Analyst and was medically retired in 2006. He currently speaks nationally about diversity and veteran-related topics including transition and employment strategies.

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